Most people struggle with Insomnia, and it has been one of the huge medical problems affecting individuals. Losing one night's sleep can be hazardous to health, and it emphasizes the importance of sleep.

A minimum of seven hours of sleep is essential for every individual, and it varies based on the age group. Numerous problems can cause Insomnia, such as stress, anxiety, and more. Individuals need to find the right solution to deal with sleep problems.

From making lifestyle changes to taking medications, there are several steps that a person can take to get proper sleep every night. However, you have to connect with the doctor before consuming any medications for sleep problems.

It is not just about taking the medicines, but people should know about the precautions, side effects, and the working of the drugs. Imovane is a brand name for zopiclone, and it is a renowned drug for sleep disturbances. If you want to know more about the drug, continue reading.

What is Imovane?

Imovane is the brand name that inculcates zopiclone as an active ingredient. This ingredient belongs to the CNS depressant class. The medications can make you tired and are mostly used for treating sleep problems.

People use the medication to sleep faster at night. However, the medications are prescribed for short-term treatments as they tend to lose effectiveness in the long run. The treatment duration ranges from one or two days to two weeks.

After that, you can get the tablets, and they are available in various dosages. The tablets are the ideal choice for many people, and it is important to understand the working of tablets.

How Does Imovane Work?

As said earlier, Imovane inculcates an active ingredient, a short-acting hypnotic agent, and it belongs to the class very similar to benzodiazepines. Studies revealed that zopiclone 7.5 mg reduces sleep latency in a few days and also enhances sleep duration.

The drug also alleviated sudden awakenings in the middle of the night. The onset of REM sleep is delayed, and the REM duration wasn't decreased. The stage 1 sleep duration was less, but the stage two sleep duration was higher. Moreover, the subsequent stages of sleep duration were high. The tablets are considered the best choice for most people, and with the doctor's instructions, you can also take the same.

Taking sleeping pills in the UK may result in memory loss or amnesia that can last for several hours, but it will fade away. However, you can avoid the problem by having a proper sleep at night. If you have any memory problems after consuming the medications, it is essential to talk with the doctor. Apart from this, the medicine is restricted to many people, and you must read the below information. You can decide after talking with the doctor.

Before You Use Imovane

If you are allergic to zopiclone, it is important to tell your doctor. Since zopiclone is an active ingredient, you shouldn't take the medication if you are allergic. Moreover, you should address the other allergies you have.

There is no precise understanding of pregnant women taking Imovane, but informing the doctor about pregnancy is better. Likewise, breastfeeding women should consult with the doctor as it can pass through and affect the infant. In addition, you should talk to the doctor regarding the tablets.

This medication is available for adults, and there are no studies about how the drug works on children.

Senior citizens might have confusion, and more issues, so it is essential to be cautious while taking the drugs.

You should avoid drug interaction with certain medications. You can go for other alternatives that don't interact with the current medications, and the healthcare service provider will know the right choice of medications. You have to tell the doctor if you take other CNS depressants as the effects of Imovane can increase.

You should inform the doctor if you have problems like alcohol abuse, drug abuse, asthma, depression, myasthenia gravis, sleep apnea, kidney disease, or emphysema. Now, you need to know about the consumption of this medication.

How To Take Imovane?

It is important to take the medication as per the instructions of your healthcare provider. You are supposed to take only the prescribed dosage for a particular period specified by the doctor. You can neither increase the dosage nor extend the treatment duration.

The drugs can cause physical dependence, so you have to follow the doctor's words throughout the treatment. You can take the medications only when there is time to sleep for at least seven hours. If you didn't get enough sleep, there would be problems like memory loss or drowsiness. Imovane dosage is different for every individual as a certain condition will be considered. You can either go with the doctor's words or stay committed to the directives on the label.

Imovane Dosage

The dosage is based on age and other attributes. The doctors can prescribe 5 to 7.5mg for adults, whereas 3.75mg is the initial dosage for older adults. However, the dosage for older adults can be gradually increased as per the doctor's instructions. If you miss a dose, skip it and continue with the regular dosage. Remember that you are not supposed to increase the dosage. Ensure that the medication is stored in a cool place.


If you need Imovane for more than a week, it is essential to discuss it with the healthcare provider. If the sleep problems last longer, you might have to check for other health problems. This tablet may interact with CNS depressants like antihistamines, sedatives, tranquilizers, narcotics, anesthetics, and more.

You should consult the doctor before taking the medication. The medication can lead to drowsiness in older people, so it is essential to consider the drug at night. Also, stay away from tasks that need mental alertness. If you have unusual thoughts, it is important to connect with the doctor. There are other changes like confusion, depression, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, irritability, and more.

It is essential to continue with the drug until the treatment. If you stop suddenly, there may be withdrawal effects. Consulting with the doctors will help you to decrease the medications gradually. You must use the medications carefully. There are certain things that you should remember while consuming Imovane. You can always check with the doctors in case of any doubts. You should consider the doctor's instructions without any doubt.

Imovane Side Effects

Like any other medication, Imovane can cause some side effects, but all the patients do not experience it. People have encountered a few side effects which faded away after some days. The doctor's medical attention is all you need to deal with the side effects. The problems like confusion, anxiety, restlessness, and mood changes can be the common side effects.

Drowsiness, breathing difficulty, and behavioral changes are less common side effects. Memory problems are an uncommon side effect, especially affecting older patients. Other side effects are not added here, but you can certainly take the medication with your doctor's assistance.

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