Natural Sleep Aids


Many people face occasional sleepless night problems, though some people encounter them frequently. If you are suffering from chronic sleeplessness, you have insomnia. In today's fast-paced world, insomnia is not an uncommon thing. Due to the stress of following a busy schedule, people become insomniac. However, it is not the only reason attributed to sleeplessness. Pain after an injury or surgery can also be a reason. Many people have the habit of encountering frequent nightmares. Such people may also have insomnia.

Natural Sleep Aids

A good sleep gives adequate rest to the brain cells. Hyper-active brain cells cause decision-making errors, lack of creativity, memory loss, and many other complicated problems. Insufficient sleep not only affects you mentally but also causes physical complications. Some surveys have noted that insomniac persons are at higher risk of suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, digestive problems, obesity, malnutrition, skin-related problems, premature aging, etc.

Sleeping Aids for Healing Sleepless Conditions

If you have become a victim of sleeplessness, doctors will prescribe you some sleeping pills. Such sleep aids are suitable for those who have reached the extreme stage of insomnia. If you are in the early stage of insomnia, you should go for natural sleep aid instead of consuming sleeping pills. Prescribed sleeping pills have many side effects. They make your heart weaker, and you may also become addicted to them. Natural sleep aids do not have any major or significant side effects. In the following section, you can find a list of the best natural sleep aids.

1. Light Therapy for a Good Sleep

Light therapy is one of the most popular natural sleep aids. The therapy works well to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression that occurs at a certain time of the year. In most cases, it happens to people during fall and winter. Sleeping problem is an aftermath of such depression. Medical specialists suggest such people stay near to bright light before going to sleep. If that does not work, the person should go for a casual walk in the morning.

Due to jet lag, the circadian rhythm gets broken. Hence, such people may suffer from sleepless night disorder for quite a few days. Staying in front of a lightbox can help you to gain back your circadian rhythm. Eventually, it helps you to sleep properly at night. Light therapy does not have any side effects. Anyone facing a sleeping disorder can try this therapy, though it may not work for everyone. If you have become insomniac due to stress, light therapy will have a little impact on resolving your sleepless condition.

2. Melatonin

So, what is the most effective natural sleep aid? Melatonin can be the answer. It is a natural supplement widely available in the UK. Many people have to work the night shift in their offices. Working in the night shift can fetch various physical and mental complications. Such persons become more vulnerable to sleeping disorders. In such conditions, melatonin works magically. People suffering from sleeping disorders after jet lag can also try melatonin for relief against the sleepless condition.

In the UK, melatonin is recommended to people below 55 years of age. The supplement does not have any major side effects. Ideally, you should take the supplement two hours before going to bed. Consuming the supplement at the right time is essential. Otherwise, your circadian rhythm may get disrupted. Thus, it will make your sleeping disorder more complicated.

3. Vitex Agnus Castus

Women face sleeping disorders during their menstrual cycles. The sleeping problem occurs during this time for two reasons. First of all, many women have to undergo a painful menstrual cycle. Due to pain, they cannot sleep properly at night. The second reason is hormonal problems during the menstrual cycle. A high percentage of hormonal secretion from the pituitary gland can make brain cells hyper-active. Thus, sleep does not come easily at night. Apart from menstrual issues, sleeping disorders can also happen after menopause.

In such conditions, women can try Vitex Agnus Castus to treat a sleeping disorder. Vitex Agnus Castus is a herb derived from chaste trees. A combination of this herb and magnolia extract can provide excellent relief from sleeping disorders. The herb does not have any side effects, though it can lead to complications for those who are having birth control pills. If you have recently undergone hormone replacement therapy, you should also avoid this sleep aid.

4. Try Meditation and Relaxation Therapies

Meditation is a way of healing stress or anxiety. If you have a sleeping disorder due to stress, you must practice meditation regularly. Ideally, a person should perform meditation two times a day. Morning is the best time for practicing meditations and yoga. Before going to bed, you can also try mediation to relax your mind. One can consult a meditation and yoga trainer for guided meditation.

Apart from meditation, persons with sleeping disorders should also try some mind relaxation therapies. In the following section, you can find some simple techniques for attaining a calm and composed mental state.

  • Visualization Therapy: Visualization therapy is a common method of attaining mental calmness. You have to imagine a relaxing scene when you go to bed. Within 15-20 minutes, it can make you sleep.
  • Mindfulness: It is a type of meditation that tells you to focus on the present. When you go to sleep, you should not think anything about the past or future.

According to many studies, meditation helps to heal mental stress. It also provides you with a rejuvenated body and mind. For insomniac patients, meditation has been found helpful. But, it cannot cure insomnia permanently.

5. Yoga

Yoga can work as an excellent sleeping aid. Before going to bed, you can try some light yoga moves on the bed. It will help you to relax your mind and body. Thus, you will find a good sleep for the night. Yoga should also be performed in the morning. People with sleeping disorders should wake up early in the morning to maintain a perfect circadian rhythm. After leaving bed early, you should prepare for some yoga moves. Yoga helps to attain both mental and physical wellness.

6. Magnesium

If you are searching for the best natural sleep aid, you should know about magnesium. For the proper function of the brain and heart, magnesium is essential. Deficiency of the mineral can lead to various physical complications. Among those problems, sleeping disorders can be a common health problem. Consuming magnesium supplements will help your muscles to get relaxed. At the same time, your mind will also attain excellent relief from stress.

Insomniac people should try a combination of magnesium and melatonin supplements. Sleeplessness happens due to many reasons, and magnesium supplement works well against all types of insomniac conditions. Many people have a thin sleep, and a slight noise can break the sleep easily. Consuming magnesium supplements will help such people to enjoy deep sleep.

7. Aromatherapy

A pleasing aroma brings happiness to everyone. For example, the scent of roses can heal your stress. It can rejuvenate and energize your mind instantly. Sleeping disorder happens to many people due to stress or anxiety. Many people have the knack to think negative things after going to bed. Such negative thoughts lead to poor sleep quality and sleeplessness. If you want to sleep in a good mood and with positive thoughts, you should use aromatherapy.

Before going to sleep, you can take a bath with essential oil mixed in the bathing water. In a tub of water, you need to add only a few drops of essential oil. Lavender has a strong and pleasant smell. Hence, you can try lavender essential oil during your bath. Alternatively, you can mix the essential oil with water and spray it in your room before sleeping. A beautiful fragrance will prevail in your bedroom, and it will fetch you an excellent sleep.

8. Glycine

Glycine is an amino acid, and it can improve the sleep quality of human beings. Some studies show that people who consume glycine before sleep will observe less fatigue in the morning after leaving the bed. Glycine may not heal insomnia, though it can provide good relief to sleep-deprived people.

How to consume glycine? In the UK, buyers can easily find glycine tablets in the marketplace. Local medicines stores have glycine supplements manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies. If you cannot find them at the local stores, you can purchase them online. After buying the tablets, you need to check dosage and instructions carefully. A tablet contains three grams of glycine. You should consume it for a few days to find a good result.

Along with glycine intake, you should focus on your diet. Your foods should be enriched with simple protein from fish, egg, etc. Additionally, you need to eat a lot of nutrient-rich green vegetables. For example, you should eat kale, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, and other green leafy vegetables to observe the better performance of glycine to treat your sleeping disorder.

9. Avoid Allergic Foods

Many people encounter allergic symptoms after consumption of certain foods. For example, a large number of people experience allergic reactions after consuming seafood. Eating crabs, lobsters, and crabs can result in itchiness, dizziness, physical discomfort, and many other physical complications. Due to the allergic reaction, your prevailing sleeping disorder can become worse.

An insomniac person should give special attention to his diet. You need to recognize the foods that fetch allergic reactions. Avoiding those foods is important, especially at dinner. Moreover, you should consume lesser oily and spicy things for better sleep. A proper diet comprising crucial nutrients will help you to overcome sleeping disorders easily.

10. Chamomile Tea

If you search for natural sleep aids UK, chamomile tea can be an excellent natural ingredient to curb your sleeplessness. Chamomile is a natural herb that possesses many crucial antioxidants and other nutrients. Drinking this tea will help you to soothe your muscles and nerves. Additionally, it can reduce digestive disorders. Due to digestion problems, many people experience sleepless conditions. For such people, chamomile tea can be an excellent natural sleep aid.

Many people have the habit of working before going to bed. While they work at night, they prefer drinking a cup of coffee. If you are fond of coffee, you must avoid the beverage at night. Coffee comes with caffeine that can make our nerves restless. Not only coffee, but black tea also contains a good amount of caffeine. So, you should change the habit of drinking black tea or coffee at night. Instead of those beverages, you can try chamomile tea that helps you to sleep faster and deeper.

11. Valerian

If it is difficult for you to find chamomile tea, you can try valerian. It is a well-known herb that can be brewed like tea. You can prepare a simple beverage with valerian within a few minutes. Drinking the beverage will help you to attain a better sleep quality. Being a herb, valerian contains a high amount of antioxidants and other crucial nutrients. The presence of antioxidants helps reduce anxiety. Thus, it helps you sleep without any hassles.

Valerian tablets are also available in medical stores. You should consume a tablet one hour before going to bed. Apart from healing stress, the supplement can also reduce pain during the menstrual cycle. Women who face sleeping disorders during painful menstrual days can try valerian supplements to alleviate pain and better sleep.

12. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a blend of tea and herbal supplement. The best thing is that the supplement includes a small quantity of valerian too. So, a mix of all three ingredients produces a perfect sleeping formula. If you are insomniac due to stress or anxiety, lemon balm can treat your sleepless condition to some extent.

13. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a therapy that uses acupressure to alleviate blood circulation in our body. Through such therapy, treatment of chronic muscle and joint pain is possible. A high number of people become sleep-deprived due to their chronic pains. Undergoing acupuncture therapy can heal pain and provide better sleep quality.

So, these are some of the top natural sleep aids. The supplements mentioned above are easily available in the UK. Apart from the sleep as mentioned earlier, one can try listening to soft music to sleep. Sometimes, reading an excellent bedtime book can also help you to get a quick sleep on the bed.

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