RLS Treatment

Restless Legs Syndrome

In Restless Legs Syndrome, there is tingling in the person's feet, and a stretch is felt, due to which he gets relief by moving and walking. In this state, the person feels like moving the feet again and again. Children, women, and older people can have RLS problems, but it is more common in women than after 45 years of age. Families in which this disease is already running, those people have more chances of getting this disease.

Although this is a common problem and its symptoms are usually mild, sometimes it can have severe symptoms, and thus it is essential to get a diagnosis in time. This disease is also known as Willis- Ekbom. Along with discussing the causes of this disease and the symptoms, we will also discuss ways to reduce this disease here, so keep reading.

What Is Restless Legs Syndrome?

RLS is a condition in which 10 out of a hundred are affected at some point in their life. The nervous system of a person suffering from RLS gets affected. The person suffering from this has a habit of moving his feet again and again. The person suffering from this syndrome feels a worm is crawling on the leg or feels tingling in the feet. And when they move their feet in such a situation, they feel very comfortable, or even when they walk, they feel comfortable.

It is not a severe disease except in some situations and is a common problem occurring to people of any age. This disease can occur in children, adults, and basically anyone, but women are more prone to this disease. There are more chances of getting this disease after the age of 40. There is no definite cause of this disease; neither is it due to any particular reason. This disease is found in people whose families have been suffering from this disease for a long time. That is why it is also called a genetic disease.

Alongside this, there are some other reasons for this, like some other disease or the consumption of any medicine. This syndrome emerges more active at night, it mostly occurs while sitting, lying down, or sleeping for a long time, but there is a relief in the tingling by moving the legs or walking a little when electric waves flow continuously through the brain, tingling and trembling in the feet.

Causes And Symptoms

There are no medical tests available to diagnose this disease, but its symptoms detect it. If someone has the following symptoms, then a person may be suffering from RLS.

  • If a person is suffering from RLS, he feels comfortable moving his legs or walking; shaking the feet makes him feel comfortable.
  • The RLS sufferer feels something is crawling on his leg. Cramps are felt in the feet of the person suffering from RLS.
  • Apart from being genetic, this disease can be due to many other reasons as well. For example, if the level of iron in a person's blood decreases, then his dopamine decreases, which could cause this problem.
  • This disease can also occur due to kidney disease or people who have diabetes because of the medicines they take to treat these diseases.
  • Consumption of alcohol can increase the symptoms of this disease.
  • Medicines that are taken in case of allergies or depression can also cause the problem. Sometimes, its symptoms are seen in pregnant women that subside or go away on their own after delivery, but whether these symptoms emerge in pregnant women is not yet known.

Home Care Tips For Restless Legs Syndrome

People suffering from this have trouble sleeping because its symptoms emerge more at night or feel hard at night. This disease is a condition that can last a lifetime, there is no permanent cure for this disease, but you can reduce its symptoms to a great extent with the use of medicines. Although RLS is a common disease, it is not a serious disease. It does not require any medicine or treatment for mild symptoms. With mild symptoms, it is relieved by taking home remedies and changing your daily routine.

  • The consumption of smoking increases its symptoms, so people suffering from RLS should quit smoking.
  • Alcohol and caffeine can aggravate its symptoms, so you should not consume them either.
  • Exercising regularly helps a lot in diagnosing this problem.
  • Massaging the feet also helps to get rid of this problem to a great extent.
  • Soaking with hot water also gives great relief.
  • A person suffering from RLS does not sleep well; he has sleep disturbances as this disease is more pronounced at night. The bedroom environment plays an essential role in getting good sleep. Therefore, cleanliness should be taken care of in the bedroom and should maintain its peace.


These home remedies can be beneficial in mild symptoms, but sometimes these symptoms can also be severe, for which it is necessary to diagnose it immediately. The use of medicine that increases dopamine reduces tingling in the feet. Levodopa, dopamine agonists, gabapentin, etc. medicines help in the diagnosis of the problem of pores. These medicines do not eliminate the problem from the root but help in reducing it. These medicines also have some side effects. Therefore, unless there are severe symptoms, you should avoid these medicines and take the doctor's advice.

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