Refund Policy

We completely own the website, and it is our right to change the refund or return it cancellation policies at any time without notifying our customers. We are committed to providing quality services to our valuable customers. Since being an online medical store, there may be some issues that are unusual or unintentional. In such cases, our expert customer care team offers compensation and other support if we understand the case is genuine and authentic. Whenever you face any such discrepancies, feel free to contact us, and we are here to help you with the exact solution.

It is always better to check the details of the products you receive from us. We deliver every product at your doorstep without fail. We recommend you to report immediately if any issues are found. This may help us get back to you as soon as possible and take necessary actions if found genuine. The registered complaint on our website will be analyzed thoroughly as per our policy terms. If we found the case to be true, we will process the refund or exchange the product with the best one as soon as possible. If we find that the case is not valid, we have the right to file a complaint to proceed legally with fraud reports.

It is essential to note that the complaints must be registered within seven days of receiving the product. Any complaints after seven days will not be addressed even if the complaint is valid.

How do we consider the complaint to be genuine?

To process a successful replacement or refund, the complaint that you register must have matters like:

  • We do not send expired products. If the product you receive is expired in any case, we will process your refund or replacement.
  • If you notice that the ordered products are different from the received ones, we are happy to help you out.
  • If you receive damaged products, we will refund the money or replace it as per your request.

If you found these faults during the delivery time, you can decline the delivery at the same spot. But when you find the issues after opening the package, we request you to register the complaint within 7 days of delivering the product. After analyzing the complaint, we will process the refund or replace the product with new ones as per your requirement. You are also requested to get notified that every product with us is not replaceable, and it should be checked before you try for a replacement option.

Complaints that we don't process for refund or replacement

We have already mentioned that all complaints will not be qualified for refund replacement. The product package may also be damaged during the delivery time. However, some orders are not eligible for further refunding or replacement.

  • If the order is placed wrongly, then we will not be processing your refund.
  • The batch number difference in the invoice will not be qualified for a refund.
  • The items that are not returned in the original package, then the particular complaint can't be registered as genuine.

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