Before shopping for products on our website, we expect our website visitors and buyers to read this disclaimer carefully. In addition, visitors must agree to the conditions that have been included in the following disclaimer section.

Website Communication

  • Our website has been designed to provide a seamless online medicine buying experience. For assisting the buyers, we have various communication mediums on our website.
  • Due to the restricted nature of online communication, buyers should accept that the information shared on our website is not precise but generalized. One should not be misled with the generalized information. Before buying medicine at our online store, one should consult a good doctor.
  • We try to assist our visitors through different information. But, we also recommend the visitors verify the information through other reliable sources. Without solely relying on the information available on our website, one should consult an expert or professional doctor before trying medicine.

Web Serve No Warranties

  • At the online store of UK Sleep Aid, we do not serve any warranty to the buyers. Buyers should consult doctors for purchasing and using certain medicines available at our online store. If the medicines do not work, consulting the doctor is recommended.
  • We do not give any guarantee that all medical information on our website is factual. Sometimes, new medical studies diminish the old facts. We do not guarantee that our website content or medical information has been updated with the latest studies.

Providing Medical Support

  • Our website intends to provide basic and generalized information to the website visitors. If you want more precise information, our website is not the place. You should consult a doctor to obtain precise information and guidance.
  • If you suspect that you are suffering from a medical condition after taking certain medicines, you should not waste time consulting a doctor. We are not responsible for the side effects of the drugs sold at our online store.
  • You should follow the doctor's advice while taking medicines. Postponing medical advice is risky. We are not liable for such negligence from your side.

The Limit of Our Liabilities

  • We are not liable for any fraud or deceitful misrepresentation.
  • We omit the liabilities that cannot be disqualified under the valid law.
  • We exclude liabilities that are not allowable under pertinent law.

One should read all the terms and conditions mentioned on this disclaimer page. We also hold the right to change clauses of the disclaim page with serving prior notice to anyone. Contact us for more information.

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