Modafinil helps in reducing the extreme sleepiness due to narcolepsy and any other sleep disorder. The modafinil components help you stay awake during the daytime so you can maintain your normal sleep routine.



Armodafinil is an oral medication that is used to promote wakefulness by stimulating certain parts of the brain. It operates by affecting the levels of specific hormones that control overall sleep functions.

Boost your intelligence with Nootropics

Do you often forget something or find it difficult to concentrate? Do you have a lot to do and have many things to remember? What if you could improve your brain's work? What are Nootropic substances and their ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the brain? Find out what is the best diet for the brain!

What are Nootropics?

Nootropic drugs are used as an aid in the case of disturbances in the central nervous system's functions due to their effect on the cerebral circulation and oxygen metabolism of nerve cells. Individual drugs differ in their safety profile.

The traditional, not by all recognized, preparations that can improve memory include herbal preparations such as Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng. The mechanism of action of nootropics medicines is unknown, and their effectiveness has not been proven in clinical trials, and they do not have serious side effects.

Best nootropics to boost your brain functions

  • Guardian Lifestyles Omniscienti - a preparation that has a strong effect and has a beneficial effect on the work of the entire body. Its task is to increase our cognitive and mental abilities. It improves the work of the brain, even in the most challenging conditions for it. It contains as many as 12 ingredients that have been proven to work.
  • Performax Nootropimax is a dietary supplement that consists of ingredients that are safe for every human being. They are to take care of mental health and support the brain's work and are the best nootropic drugs. Additionally, it reduces the negative effects of long-term stress. It takes care of our well-being and contributes to increasing mental abilities. It has an effect that sharpens our senses and the work of organs.
  • Psycho Pharma Infinite Brain is a unique dietary supplement made of perfectly selected ingredients with proven effectiveness. All its doses have a beneficial effect on our mental abilities and improve and support the brain's work. Its use contributes to increased concentration and full focus, which increases the efficiency of our work.
  • Chaos & Pain Bacchus - is a dietary supplement that improves the work of the brain and has a positive effect on our well-being. Its composition is based on plant extracts that have proven effective. The task of this preparation is to increase our mental performance and relieve depression and maintain high well-being.
  • AlphaBreed NeuroLock is a preparation with a unique effect, rich in nutrients that have an irreplaceable effect on the brain's work. Thanks to this, it contributes to increasing the nervous system's comfort and increases our mental abilities. It means that remembering and focusing on work is no longer a problem for us.
  • MyoBlox SkyWalk - one of the best preparations supporting the work of the brain in the form of a powder. Its effective operation is because it consists of natural ingredients as well as strong substances with proven effect. This product increases our mental abilities, stimulates the brain to work, and reduces mental and physical fatigue.
  • Hydrapharm Neurogenesis -It is a dietary supplement that exceeds the standards of other preparations available on the market. It has a unique effect that positively affects the work of the brain. It is to prepare the body for long-term mental effort, which is possible since it increases our wakefulness. It is highly effective and has a long-lasting effect, which distinguishes it from other dietary supplements with a similar effect.

    Its consumption has a significant effect on the nervous system's work, which contributes to the improvement of our abilities, concentration, and memory.

Who uses Nootropics?

The task of nootropics is, among others, increasing attention, concentration, and creativity. They are also supposed to affect faster remembering or improve mental clarity. Therefore, they can prove themselves in the event of a decrease in mental condition and suggest nootropics for ADHD symptoms. They can also act as neurodegeneration in people with brain injuries or diseases such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. They are also used in people suffering from depression and neurosis.

  • People exposed to great mental effort
  • People struggling with decreased concentration and memory
  • People working in professions in which creativity and high intellectual efficiency count
  • People exposed to stressors
  • Elderly people
  • People suffering from sleep disorders
  • People struggling with mood swings, anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders
  • People suffering from movement, speech, and neurodegenerative diseases;
  • People recovering from addictions
  • People who want to improve their mental condition
  • People practicing sports and exposed to great physical exertion

Is taking Nootropics safe?

If we are talking about nootropics in the full sense of the word, then properly selected ones are safe. If they're not safe, they're not nootropics because they don't meet the definition. Of course, there is always a margin of error. Even when a given substance has a shallow frequency of side effects, if its mechanism of action is not adjusted to our individual needs and predispositions, we may feel worse.

It is very important to choose nootropics individually -This is important not only in terms of safety but also efficiency. When we use an agent that improves cerebral circulation, we will feel a clear improvement when it is too weak for us.

However, the same remedy in a person with intense cerebral circulation will not work or even cause mild side effects, such as a headache. Fortunately, when we notice adverse effects, it is enough to discontinue the given Nootropic and look for something that better suits our needs.

What benefits do they provide?

In sick people, they are successfully used to treat various types of diseases and disorders, such as depression, various types of addiction, Alzheimer's disease, cerebral ischemia, dyslexia, strokes, and suggested nootropics for anxiety or other problems with the central nervous system.

  • Increasing motivation and will to act,
  • Delaying mental fatigue,
  • Improving the mood,
  • Optimizing the regeneration of the nervous system,
  • Adding life energy,
  • Protection of the nervous system.

In healthy people, their use can be equally broad. Students use them to learn more effectively, casual ones to improve mood, athletes to improve results (but more on that later), and even computer scientists to increase their creativity and work efficiency.

Do smart drugs have side effects?

Smart drugs are usually more potent than supplements, but unfortunately, side effects are greater. After their withdrawal, there may be de-sensitization (insensitivity) of our receptors anxiety, mood swings, cognitive impairment, and even toxic effects. However, it is worth noting that these disorders will occur primarily due to the inability to use the agents, too long use, too high doses, or incorrect withdrawal method.

Nootropic therapy, with careful observance of the doctor's recommendations, has a good effect on the body. However, if the dosage, intake regimen is violated, or when the wrong drug is selected, side effects of nootropics may occur, which not only worsen the existing symptoms but also provoke new disorders:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Headache
  • Agitation and excessive nervousness
  • Dyspepsia (disruption of the stomach
  • Violation of activity and attention
  • Learning disabilities (memory disorders)
  • Alcohol dependence syndrome
  • Anxiety and depression

What's the most effective Nootropic drug available?

Piracetam is considered one of GABA's most effective drug derivatives (gamma-aminobutyric acid), but its effect is entirely different. Piracetam is a synthetic nootropic drug used in neurology; it is not found in natural sources.

A significant aspect of piracetam's action is its effect on the cholinergic system in the brain. Piracetam has been shown to accelerate the utilization of acetylcholine in the brain. One of the best nootropic drugs available, to some extent, enhances a process known as HACU ( high-affinity choline uptake.)

Thanks to the presence of piracetam, energy metabolism may improve due to better use of oxygen and glucose in neurons. However, this action is not well documented - mainly laboratory tests, and it has been noted in humans at high doses and underlying problems with energy management. In healthy people, this effect is unlikely to be experienced. Piracetam may improve mitochondria' function, but here also only in the state of excessive oxidative stress or when their effectiveness is reduced due to aging. You can easily find and buy nootropics online or from any medical store.

What is better Modafinil vs. Nootropics?

Modafinil has a significant effect on improving your energy, memory, and better focus and increasing the brain's overall alertness. It is excellent for people suffering from narcolepsy, a disease that causes you to fall asleep suddenly during the day. Modafinil is a substance that affects the neurotransmitters responsible for concentration, memory, and better fact-matching. Modafinil is known as "brain doping." Thanks to this nootropic substance, your brain works more efficiently. You have more energy and enthusiasm to carry out daily duties

On the other hand, Nootropics reviews have shown that it improves cognitive processes, which translates into general everyday functioning. It is not uncommon for us to need outside help to better cope with our responsibilities.

What are the best and safest nootropics drugs?

Most of the nootropic substances introduced to the market have not been properly tested - this applies to both chemical and plant specifics. Therefore, we cannot be sure whether they are useful and whether they will not harm us.

Some of the best and safest Nootropics are

Piracetam is the first available nootropic drug and comes first in the smart drug list; they are introduced in general clinical practice to improve memory mechanisms. Available as tablets and as a solution for intravenous administration. Effective for prolonged use and course in patients of all ages.

Nootropil improves memory and affects learning processes. Along the way, it increases nutritional processes in both nerve and glial cells. Nootropil has no vasodilating action.

Cavinton (vinpocetine) is a cerebral blood circulation corrector, which has a strong nootropic effect. Cavinton is a smart drug for improving cerebral circulation. Cavinton is very well tolerated, both in the elderly and at an early age. The form of administration may vary between 5 and 10 mg tablets or forms for parenteral administration.

Phantogram - a natural metabolite of gamma-aminobutyric acid, one of the best nootropic drugs, which is demonstrated even in children.

What advice would you give me before taking Modafinil?

Our advice to you would be that the treatment or consuming such drugs should be initiated or supervised by a healthcare practitioner experienced in treating the disease. Narcolepsy should be diagnosed according to the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD2).

The patients should be followed up and periodically reevaluated clinically for treatment.

The recommended starting dose is 200 mg daily. The total daily dose should be administered as a single dose in the morning or twice a day in the morning and at noon, depending on the doctor's opinion and the patient's response.

When Modafinil is prescribed for an extended period, the physician should periodically reevaluate Modafinil's long-term use in each patient since its long-term effectiveness (more than 9 weeks) has not been evaluated.

If you have any medical history like Renal failure, Liver Failure, we would not advise you to take this drug. Also, older people over 65 age and children below 18 should avoid these drugs.

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