Terms & Conditions

It is important to go through the terms and conditions provided by us before proceeding with your purchase. Accessing our website and deciding to purchase your products must be done only after agreeing to our terms and conditions. The terms and conditions will be complete regarding the website information and customer purchases.

Website information

The information on the website will be updated whenever we feel to change. But we don't provide any warranty that the changed information is reliable or accurate. Without any prior information, we can change the content or stop the content flow on the site. We don't claim that the content is proper or bound to it on the website.

Liability disclaimer

While accessing the website, we are not responsible for any damage or shortage, which is consequential or mediated or not mediated. We will also not be responsible for any loss or injury, or expenses you encounter while on the website.

Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

As an online medical store, we own the images, contents, and other texts on the websites. All the content provided comes under Intellectual property rights. Copying or downloading it to modify the content on our website is strictly prohibited without any consent from your end. We owe logos and Trademarks, and trying to copy for any of your purposes is strictly prohibited by the law.

For every content on our website, we have the copyright claim. This means when you use our data on the website for any non-commercial purposes, it is essential to be noted that the data should be manipulated in any case. Trying to control the data on our website through any other means is not agreeable. Such malpractices are punishable under the regional judiciary at any cost.

Warranty of products

We don't provide a guarantee or warranty, or claims for any of the products we sell through our website. The purchase is upon your decision, and we are not responsible for the purchase you make with us.

Modification of website

We have complete rights to modify our website partially or fully at any time without notifying you. We don't claim that the data on the website is forever. It is likely to be changed or discontinued without notifying our customers or users.

Legal interference

The area's legal practices will attend to any conflicts based on our website or things related to it. If any problem happens based on the terms and conditions, those matters come under areas of jurisprudence.

Delivery of the product

Since we own the website, we have the right to accept or reject the orders by notifying you. Rejections may be due to stock issues or any mismatch with the customers' data, etc. We would cancel the orders if any typographical errors occurred.

Note: Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully, and if you disagree with the terms, we request you to communicate with us to know more details. Purchasing the products from us is like assuring our terms and conditions.

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