What Is Lunesta?

Lunesta is the brand name for eszopiclone which is an insomnia treatment medication. It is a sedative-hypnotic to affect the chemicals in the unbalanced brain of those with sleeping problems to give a good night's sleep. Eszopiclone, classified as cyclopyrrolone, is a nonbenzodiazepine medication for insomnia. The US prestigious FDA or Food & Drug Administration approved it in 2004 after many clinical trials for safe use for sleeping issues. So now millions take it to forget the worries and sleep like a baby.

How Does Lunesta Give Sleep?

For a sound sleep, relaxation is essential, and it is what Lunesta gives by interacting with the naturally occurring GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid. By boosting this neurochemical receptor reduces the brain activity to cause drowsiness and enables one to fall asleep fast. The primary active ingredient is eszopiclone and inactive ingredients like calcium phosphate, titanium dioxide, and many others. Many clinical trials have found that when taken orally, Lunesta rapidly gets absorbed by the body to relax and reduce the tensions to give enough sleep to wake up fresh in the morning.

What Are The Benefits Of Lunesta?

In this stressful world, sleep, which is the basic necessity, is rare and rare. There are many reasons for it from physical, psychological, personal, and professional issues. But irrespective of any problem, humans have to sleep a minimum of six to eight hours a day to be active and healthy. Many people who do not sleep well have daytime drowsiness and feel weak to be inactive to work appropriately to fulfill the responsibilities. And with more and more sleepless nights will only increase the problems to the extent that it becomes harmful and even life-threatening. Hence the only solution for it is to take Lunesta to get relaxed and sleep well.

Many studies confirm that the percentage of people having trouble sleeping is up to 40% globally. The rate and the severity may vary for people, but the increasing number of sleeping disorders is alarming. It is why WHO or the world health organization and CDC Center for Disease Control & Prevention declared it an emerging epidemic. Also, it prevents and reduces many chronic diseases that may cause a lot of sleeping issues to millions of people worldwide. Since eszopiclone is a nonbenzodiazepine drug, FDA approved it for treating sleeping issues. Lunesta helps people to sleep faster, longer, and without waking up to have a sound sleep. Hence, millions benefit from its relaxing effects for the past fifteen years to have a good night's sleep.

What Is The Proper Lunesta Dosage?

Lunesta starts from 1 mg for adults to treat insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Gradually increasing the Lunesta dosage to 2mg and 3mg will give long-term sleeping effects for people. If taken beyond the required Lunesta dosage will cause more sleep and drowsiness the next day. And prolonged use of higher Lunesta dosage will not bring in the same sleeping effect it gives regularly. Hence avoiding overdosage is essential as it may impair alertness the next day, and taking the correct Lunesta dosage will provide a good night's sleep to be fresh and active.

How To Take Lunesta?

Lunesta acts fast within the hour for most people, and for many, it is less than an hour to feel drowsy. Because of the solubility of its active ingredient, eszopiclone, it gets quickly absorbed by the body. If taken immediately after eating heavy or high-fat meals will slow down the absorption to reduce its efficacy. Hence taking it on an empty stomach before having dinner is the best way to fall asleep fast and for a long time. Since it gives longer sleeping hours from 7 to 8 hours depending on the health and other factors, it is advisable to not plan on sleeping during the period rather than the necessity to do any work. Taking it with water or any liquid is the best way to act fast on the body to reduce brain activity and feel calm for a good night's sleep.

What Are The Side Effects Of Lunesta?

Like any other medication, Lunesta has some side effects that are rare compared to other benzodiazepine medications. And mostly the common side effects which occur for one in a hundred taking it goes off within a short time. Many of the side effects mainly arise while taking it for the first time, and on subsequent times they have little effect. However, the rarest cases, almost one in a thousand, may have severe side effects. It may be because of underlying ailments, overdosage, other medication, physical or psychological health conditions, etc. Hence those having such issues should avoid taking it if the severe side effects persist, and it is best to consult the doctor. The following are some of the common Lunesta side effects and ways to avoid them.

The Common Lunesta Side Effects

  • Unpleasant taste is one of the common side effects which is avoidable taking it with juice or with a sweet
  • Headache, dizziness, and drowsiness may occur, and it is best to lie down to avoid falling and get up slowly from the lying position.
  • When having a dry mouth, it is advisable to drink water or wet the lips
  • If having a vomiting feeling, it is best to not take it right after eating food and that too spicy or fatty foods
  • If feeling drowsy during the next day, it is advisable to reduce the Lunesta dosage and take the right one

Some Severe Side Effects Of Lunesta

  • A few may get out of bed while not fully awake and do activities like walking, having sex, and others.
  • Some may experience abnormal thoughts and behavior, which could be dangerous.
  • A few may have memory loss, anxiety, act strangely, get confused, and others.
  • Some may have severe allergic reactions like swelling of the throat or tongue or trouble breathing.
  • A few may have suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, and worsening depression.

Is Lunesta Safe?

For the past 15 years, millions of people suffering from sleeping issues take Lunesta, treating it and having a good night's sleep. FDA approved it for selling it as generic medicine to treat insomnia and other sleeping disorders. This is why it is one of the most prescribed medicines worldwide for having a sound sleep. Because its benefits are more than the rare side effects, many doctors worldwide prescribe it to patients. By giving proper rest, it helps to avoid or reduce the impact of many other ailments. Also, it provides those suffering from acute or chronic insomnia the much-needed sleep every day. Hence taking Lunesta is safe, and best not to fall prey to many other diseases and be fresh and active.

Where To Buy Lunesta Without A Prescription?

Though Lunesta has the approval of the prestigious FDA , it is not sold as an over-the-counter drug without prescriptions in many countries. Hence the best way to buy Lunesta without a prescription is to order it online to get it delivered at the doorsteps. But choosing the right site to believe in will ensure the authenticity of the medication. The best site will sell genuine Lunesta online at affordable costs with no compromise in the quality of sleeping like a baby.

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