The benzodiazepines are indicated only when insomnia is severe, disabling, and subjecting the individual to severe discomfort.

Mogadon is used to treat the symptoms important in clinical insomnia. Clinically significant are those sleep disorders caused by a mental illness or a pathological disturbance of consciousness caused by fear, tension, excitement, or inner restlessness. It also includes sleep disorders associated with organic brain diseases and those before or after an operation.

What Is The Purpose Of This Drug?

  • Attenuate overexcitability in the brain
  • Encourage falling asleep and staying asleep

Areas Of Application Of The Active Ingredient Mogadon

Furthermore, Mogadon is used in one Epilepsy of infants and young children. It can result in special forms of cramps, such as expressing BNS cramps. Using Mogadon for such small epileptic seizures (petit mal seizures) with others combined with anti-epileptic drugs is recommended. It can be used better to prevent larger attacks (grand mal attacks).

How Mogadon Works?

Mogadon contains Nitrazepam 10mg which is a benzodiazepine, Mogadon has anti-anxiety and tension-relieving properties. However, the calming, sleep-inducing, consciousness-clouding effect is more pronounced. Likewise, the effect against epileptic seizures predominates, the muscle-relaxing property is less pronounced.

Within a short time (half an hour to two hours) after ingestion, the active ingredient reaches the highest concentration in the blood (the maximum blood level). If food is consumed at the same time, the intake is delayed by about a third.

Elimination via the liver is very slow; the half-life varies between 25 and 30 hours and is longer depending on age and in overweight people. Thus, Mogadon is one of the long-acting benzodiazepines.

What Is The Dosage Of Mogadon Tablets?

To Treat Sleep Disorders:
Adults usually receive -1 Mogadon tablets (equivalent to 2.5-5 mg Mogadon). The maximum dose can be increased to 2 Mogadon tablets (equivalent to 10 mg Mogadon).

Elderly patients receive tablet Mogadon (equivalent to 2.5 mg Mogadon) as a maximum dose of 1 tablet Mogadon (equivalent to 5 mg Mogadon).

Use In Children
To treat BNS cramps:

For the treatment of certain forms of Epilepsy, infants and young children are given -1 Mogadon tablets (equivalent to 2.5-5 mg Mogadon).

Other Patient Groups:

A dose reduction may be necessary for patients with chronic pulmonary insufficiency or with chronic kidney or liver disease.

If you forget to take Mogadon, Please do not make up for the missed dose, but continue taking Mogadon as directed by your doctor.

If you stop taking Mogadon, Please do not interrupt or stop taking Mogadon without talking to your doctor first. You should not stop Mogadon therapy suddenly and should reduce the dose slowly.

If you have any further questions on the use of this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

What Can Be The Side Effects Of Mogadon 10 Mg Tablets?

Like all drugs, however, Mogadon 10 mg tablets also have side effects (also called "undesirable effects"), adverse reactions, and contraindications which, if they are often not clinically relevant (small bearable disorders), can sometimes be very serious and unpredictable.

Therefore, it is very important, before starting therapy with Mogadon 5 mg tablets, to know the contraindications, the special warnings for use, and the side effects, to be able to report them to the first appearance attending physician or directly to the Italian Agency. For the FArmaco (AIFA.).

Uncommon Side Effects:
Patients might see digestive disorders, Libido changes, skin reactions.

Rare side effects:
Pauses in breathing (especially during the night).

Side Effects Without Frequency Information:
Drowsiness, decreased alertness, tiredness, dulling of feelings, confusion, muscle weakness, disorders of movement control, movement insecurity, Headache, dizziness, blurred vision.

These side effects occur depending on the patient's sensitivity and the dose taken, especially at the beginning of therapy, and usually decrease with repeated use.

Special Features:

The taking of benzodiazepines like Mogadon can lead to addiction with withdrawal symptoms. Even with daily use for a few weeks, a dependency can develop. It applies to the misuse of particularly high doses and the usual dose range during treatment.

Step after prolonged use and sudden discontinuation of Mogadon Sleep disturbances and increased dreaming, anxiety, states of tension, excitement, inner restlessness, tremors, sweating, increased propensity for convulsions with the triggering of seizures and psychosis with memory disorders, thought disorders, and delusions. Treatment with the active ingredient should, therefore, always be ended with slowly reduced doses.

Taking Mogadon in the evening can lead to reduced ability to react and concentrate and residual tiredness the next morning.

Because of the muscle slackening effect, there is an increased risk of falling, especially in older patients. Patients must therefore be careful, especially when getting up at night.

The active ingredient group of Benzodiazepines can cause memory gaps that are limited in time or content. These usually occur a few hours after ingestion. Therefore, patients should ensure that they can maintain an uninterrupted sleep period of around seven to eight hours after ingestion.


Mogadon belongs to the group of Benzodiazepines. This results in the following general interactions with other active ingredients:

  • Drugs that affect the brain, such as psychotropic drugs, sleeping pills, sedatives, opioid pain relievers, anesthetics, or H1 antihistamines and alcohol, are strengthened in effect and intensify benzodiazepines.
  • The effect of Muscle relaxants will be amplified.
  • The cheering effect of opioid pain relievers and thus the risk of becoming dependent on them is increased.
  • Cimetidine, Proton pump inhibitors like Omeprazole, hormonal contraceptives, and some antibiotics increase and prolong the effects of Mogadon because they delay its breakdown in the liver.

In particular, the simultaneous use of opioid painkillers can lead to numbness, suppression of respiratory function, Coma, and death. If the doctor deems it necessary to prescribe it simultaneously in exceptional cases, he will choose the lowest effective dose and keep the duration of treatment as short as possible.

When Should Mogadon Not Be Used?

Mogadon is allowed like everyone else. Benzodiazepines are not used in:

  • A hypersensitivity to Benzodiazepines
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • addiction to medication, drugs, and alcohol
  • Respiratory dysfunction
  • temporary cessation of breathing during sleep ( sleep apnea syndrome )
  • severe hepatic insufficiency
  • Movement disorders are caused by the diseased spinal cord or brain
  • acute poisoning with alcohol, sleeping pills or painkillers, Neuroleptics, Antidepressants, and Lithium.
  • Particularly careful medical supervision is required
  • Alcohol and/or drug abuse in prehistory
  • impaired liver and kidney function (a dose reduction may be necessary).

Like all benzodiazepines, Mogadon should not be used for the basic treatment of psychoses. Mogadon is also not suitable for the individual treatment of depression or anxiety states accompanied by depression. Under certain circumstances, you can exacerbate the depressive symptoms, and thus the risk of suicide increased.

Please note that the contraindications can vary depending on the dosage form (e.g., tablet, syringe, ointment).

What Should I Watch For Pregnancy And Breastfeeding?

Mogadon and its main metabolic product reach the unborn child via the placenta. They can accumulate there, leading to overdoses in the child, resulting in malformations and mental impairments.

Mothers intake Benzodiazepines during pregnancy as a long-term treatment, in high doses or during childbirth, which can cause the children to show withdrawal symptoms such as difficulty breathing, sagging muscles, low body temperature, and poor drinking. Therefore, Mogadon should only be used during pregnancy if the doctor deems it necessary.

Mogadon and its metabolic product pass into breast milk. Since the active ingredient is broken down much more slowly in newborns than in children or adults, breathing difficulties and poor drinking occur. During treatment with Mogadon, it should either not breastfeed or be weaned.

What To Consider With Children?

In infants and young children, Mogadon is used for cramps due to over-excitability of the brain. It's especially for seizure-related cramps, such as BNC cramps, approved.

Warnings and Precautions

  • Even when used as intended, the drug can create addiction.
  • The drug should never be stopped suddenly, but always in slowly reduced doses.
  • When taking the drug, care must be taken to ensure sufficient sleep time to avoid memory loss.
  • During treatment with the drug, alcohol should not be drunk.
  • Concentration in traffic and when using machines can be impaired by the drug. This is especially true in combination with alcohol.
  • You should avoid dangerous activities (driving machines, driving vehicles) during the first few days after administration of the medication.
  • Medicinal substances sometimes cause allergic reactions. If you notice any signs of an allergic reaction, inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

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