Symptoms of Insomnia

Symptoms of Insomnia

Have trouble falling asleep at night? Can't stay asleep for a few hours? Can't sleep peacefully even if you have time to sleep? These can be the symptoms of insomnia. An individual having insomnia will find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.

If it happens once or twice, people can bring in the sleep schedule. However, in the long run, missing a peaceful sleep can be hazardous. Individuals need to seek immediate medical assistance if they have any symptoms of insomnia persisting longer than a couple of months. One of the main problems for individuals is they are not aware of insomnia.

There are different types of insomnia like chronic, acute insomnia and more. However, people might not know they have insomnia. It is because acute insomnia is experienced only for a few days or weeks. Moreover, sleep latency, trouble staying asleep are other factors to evaluate. Identifying the symptoms will help you to understand the sleep problems altogether.

There are different types of insomnia as well as symptoms. Moreover, there are various cause of insomnia and the symptoms that individual experiences are not the same. Therefore, it is essential to identify the root cause of the sleep problems and find what kind of insomnia a person has. The symptoms can help the medical professionals to know the insomnia type, after which you can get the right treatment.

Symptoms of chronic insomnia

chronic insomnia is a long-term problem that a patient encounters a minimum of three times a week for a couple of months. If the sleep problem persists, the patients will have symptoms like daytime drowsiness, fatigue, lack of sleep even if they have more time to sleep.

If an individual faces problem is falling asleep, it is called onset insomnia, whereas people who find it difficult to stay asleep encounter sleep maintenance insomnia. Many people have encountered both these issues together, and it is common among all age groups. Sleep latency is one of the symptoms of chronic insomnia.

Kids who find it hard to fall asleep even after twenty minutes is an obvious symptom of insomnia, and it is essential to consult the doctor if the problem persists for a long time. Moreover, people might easily wake up from sleep in the early mornings, making it quite difficult to fall asleep again. Waking up early is as difficult as falling asleep, but people with insomnia will wake up from sleep abruptly in the morning. chronic insomnia affected people might experience fatigue, temporary memory loss, mood swings and daytime drowsiness. Many symptoms can affect insomnia patients, and it is essential to get immediate assistance if the problems persist for a long time.

Symptoms of acute insomnia

It has another name called as short-term insomnia, which has very similar symptoms to prolonged sleeplessness. However, this sleep problem remains only for a particular period. To be precise, the patients will have the problem for less than a couple of months. Therefore, it is essential to differentiate short-term insomnia from other sleep problems.

It is basically because of the misalignment of circadian rhythm, and the short-term insomnia is directly linked to environmental factors. For instance, people who work on shifts can encounter acute insomnia and international travelers as well.

Insomnia can worsen health conditions

It is essential to know that sleep is very important for the body to rejuvenate for the next day. The person's overall health can deteriorate as it takes a major toll, enhancing many health problems. Individuals who have asthma and other breathing problems can worsen if they have insomnia. Heart disease, heart failure, blood pressure and more cardiovascular problems can increase when individuals experience insomnia.

Doctor's consultation and medications to help

You have to book an appointment with the doctor if you are facing sleep problems incessantly. It is because of the harmful health hazards that insomnia can cause. So ensure that you connect with the doctor and discuss the sleep problems to prevent the health problems.

Individuals will be taking up a series of tests to find out the important details such as sleep latency, wakefulness and more. With this information, the doctors will have a precise understanding of your problems.

Initially, a sleep study is conducted, followed by actigraphy. With actigraphy, doctors will determine whether you have an undisrupted sleep pattern. From medications to therapy, there are so many sleep aid tablets to treat insomnia. Find the best doctors who can identify the underlying cause of insomnia and provide medications accordingly.

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